Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Pages

In an attempt to simplify the number of blogs I have to edit, I'm going to try to start setting everything up on pages that you can view independently or come here, to my home page, and view them all as they are updated.  Please bear with me as these changes occur.  In the meantime, here are the links to my individual blogs.

2012 Project 365 Photography Challenge - This is where you will be able to find my daily blog posts for this photography challenge.

52 Weeks of Pinterest - I recently joined a challenge on Pinterest to attempt one item you "pin" each week for a year.  I started posting a few projects early as I did them, but will actually get started on the 52 Weeks portion starting on January 1st.

Sophisticated Snapshots - This is the blog I've got for my photography business.  You'll be able to see the stories behind the photo shoots.

As of right now, each of these blogs is separate so if you want to follow, be sure to do each one individually.  Thanks for your support!!!

Here We Go Again!

After not completing it in 2010 and not even attempting it in 2011, I have once again opted to take on the the Project 365 Challenge.  For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, Project 365 is a photography challenge in which you attempt to shoot one photo everyday for a year.  It sounds easy, but I promise that it is far from.

My first attempt was in 2010.  I was successful in shooting and posting one photo a day for the first 4 months.  This was tricky since I didn't have a working computer at the time.  I will honestly say that it helped me learn more about photography and how to get the shot the first time since I didn't have the capability to go in and edit anything.

Skip forward many months and here I am again.  I am working with a better camera (though still not the DSLR I'd love to have) - a Nikon P500.  This camera is definitely several steps up from where I was before using just a basic point and shoot camera.  I also have a pretty good computer and editing capabilities.  I do plan to keep the editing to a minimum when it comes to the photos for this challenge.  I hope that I can use this project to improve my photography and to try new techniques.

I don't yet have a plan for proceeding.  The last time I tried to theme my photos a month at a time to keep me motivated.  I am going to try to just go off the cuff in the beginning and see what happens.  A few friends have already joined me for this project and I hope to see more jump in with us.  I'll post my daily photos here and hope you'll stop by and check them out.