Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project 365 Day 103 - April 12th

It was once again time for a trip to Auburn with my friend Kathy.  Every few months she drives up to Opelika, AL (not far from Auburn) to meet her daughter or son-in-law.  During those trips, she is usually picking up or returning her 3-year grandson Nate.  Since Keiran and Nate have become buddies, we will typically ride with Kathy.  It gives she and I some "girl time", plus I can give her a break with the driving.

Part of the routine of this trip is lunch at the local Cracker Barrell.  This was the 3rd trip that I have actually made with Kathy but the first time I had seen these cool windchimes hanging outside.  We all know that Cracker Barrell is famous for the old-fashioned rocking chairs lined up outside the door for customers to sit in and/or purchase.  Because my husband is such a huge fan of the rocking chairs (though we've never splurged to pay the high price for one of theirs), I had to get a picture of this windchime to show him.  I think I'm going to take some extra money the next time to buy him one as a gift.

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