Friday, April 13, 2012

Project 365 Day 104 - April 13th

I am a huge fan of local businesses.  As someone who is working hard to start my own business, I believe that giving support to all types of businesses is great for the economy, but I prefer to give my money to the smaller local businesses whenever possible.  Living in a smaller town has some advantages - one being that we have lots of small local businesses.  One of my newest favorites is Prissy Pots.  Located on Highway 59 in the heart of downtown Robertsdale, AL, Prissy Pots has tons of cute and quirky gifts that will make even the most crochety old woman feel like a girly-girl.

One of my favorite things about Prissy Pots is that their prices are affordable.  If you're interested in checking out their website, you can do so here.  I have not been asked to support the shop or promote them in any way... I am just pointing out a cool little shop that I think deserves some promotion.

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