Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project 365 Day 116 - April 25th

As time passes, we gradually fall in and out of touch with certain people in our lives.  One of my closest friends from high school, Will Johnson, and I dealt with that more than once.  We stayed in touch after graduation but time and distance caused us to lose touch.  A few years later we reconnected, but again lost touch.  In 2005, we reconnected for one last time through MySpace.  We have remained in touch ever since.  He and his beautiful wife, Jessica, have become like family to both me, as well as my husband and kids.  

This could not be any more true than where it concerns my daughter.  She (and I) met Jessica for the first time on the afternoon I shot their engagement photos back in 2009.  Daisha instantly bonded with Jess and has loved her ever since.  Whenever possible, even if only once a year, we try to get together with Will and Jessica and plan it without telling Daisha.  They came into town for her Kindergarten graduation back in 20010, we met them for a beach day last spring, and tonight, they showed up to dinner to surprise her. Daisha didn't even realize they were in the area visiting.

This photo may not be great technically, but it touches my heart.  This was taken within seconds of Will and Jessica walking into the restaurant where we were meeting for dinner.  Daisha knew we had 2 people meeting us, but had absolutely no clue who they were.  I have not seen a smile that big on her in months, and it brought tears to my eyes to know that two people have made such a huge impact in her life without even realizing it!

Just a note, the fuzziness of Will and Tony was completely coincidental - I didn't want to use my flash since we were inside the restaurant.  The two of them moved toward each other to shake hands just as I snapped the photo, resulting in the blurry background with Daisha and Jessica remaining clear... love it!

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  1. I love this photo!!! IT speaks real volumes!!! I love the fuzziness!!! It's perfect!!!! && I love the color splash!