Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project 365 Day 98 - April 7th

We took the kids down the street to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt held by one of the smaller towns locally.  The kids had a great time scrambling among the herds of children to collect as many eggs as they could.  Daisha was in the group for kids ages 7-10 and managed to make out like a bandit.  Unfortunately, Keiran was in the group for kids ages 3-6 and only collected 4 eggs.  Whoever thought putting 3-year olds in an egg hunt with 6-year olds obviously hasn't spent much time with kids.  The younger ones were almost trampled on by the older ones and got next to nothing since their little legs wouldn't let them move as fast.  Fortunately, Daisha was a good big sister and shared with her brother.  I snapped this picture as they looked down into their baskets together waiting to see what kind of prizes they'd won.

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