Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project 365 Day 40 - February 9th

Tony and I have never been big on celebrating Valentine's Day.  It's become more a Hallmark holiday than anything, so we don't normally do anything special just because we're "supposed to".  However, having a daughter that is now in second grade, we've accepted that it's a holiday we have to deal with.

Being a crafty mama, as Daisha calls me, means that she doesn't take store-bought valentines for her classmates.  Every year for the last three years we have always made her valentines.  This year we chose coffee filter roses.  At first I wasn't sure how they would turn out... in the end, we loved them.

She got a full set of the roses in four colors that she'll be taking to her friends on Tuesday, along with a couple of small bouquets we made for her current teacher and her teacher from last year.

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