Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 365 Day 47 - February 16th

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Mardi Gras holiday.  That's right - here in Southern Alabama the kids get time off school to celebrate Mardi Grad!  That means that my daughter's school will be holding their Annual Kindergarten Mardi Gras Parade.  The kindergarteners have to all create their own "float" by decorating bikes, wagons, or boxes they can wear and then go through the school like a big parade.

One part of the parade includes the King and Queen.  The school holds a contest every year to determine the King and Queen in a way that the kids have to work to earn the privilege.  This year's Queen just happens to be one of my neighbor's daughter, Delaney.  She is such a great kid who works hard and deserves this opportunity. Delaney borrowed a wagon to decorate as her float for the parade. 

Well, another neighbor, my friend Kathy, as well as her daughters and I, all saw Delaney's attempt to decorate her "float" without much to work with.  That wasn't acceptable... I talked to her mom and we decided it was time for "Pimp My Ride - Mardi Gras Style!!!"

We're keeping it in Kathy's apartment overnight, with Delaney's mother's permission, and will pull it out in the morning before she leaves for school.  I'll be downstairs waiting for her to come down with a camera in hand... we're all dying to see her face when she realizes what we've done.  Kathy even made her a special Mardi Gras mask to wear that we'll present to her in the morning.

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