Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 365 Day 41 - February 10th

I'm not a difficult person to please, especially when it comes to anything photography-related.  Well, I finally got something today that I have been in desperate need of... a rapid battery charger.  I have two batteries for my camera, which is plenty under most circumstances (at least for now).  Unfortunately, the only way I had for charging my batteries was in the camera itself.  That sucks when I want use my camera while the other battery is charging.

I gave Tony the money from a photo shoot and while he was out running errands for work, he stopped at Best Buy and bought this charger for me.  It will charge a fully drained battery in an hour - and I tested it!  The coolest part is the LCD screen that allows you to see how much of the charging process has completed - and it's free entertainment for my 3-year old.  LOL

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