Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 365 Day 11 - January 11th

Today was my first official day to get off my butt and get my workouts back on track.  Since I've done minimal excercising over the last 2 months, I knew that I needed to start easy again and build back up.  After a 25 minute brisk walk with the couple that lives next door, I went home to grab my camera and go searching for a night shoot.

As I walked past the pool here at our apartment complex, I started longing for warm weather again.  I got my best workouts done in the pool last spring and summer and was yearning for that opportunity again.  Not to mention that the pool was always the best way to cool off after a workout on a cool spring night.  I decided to see what kind of picture I could get for today while sitting beside the pool... good thing I had my tripod with me.

The bar going down the middle of the photo was the rail on the steps that leads down into the water.  I decided to use that as my focal point and to make the water in the background secondary.

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