Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 365 Day 25 - January 25th

I was near the local Post Office this evening when I decided I wanted to try to get a photo of one of the free standing mailboxes.  It had been on my mind all afternoon just how much we are in danger of losing our US Postal Services and the conveniences they offer.  So much of what used to be sent via "snail mail" is now sent electronically, that Post Offices all across the country have been shut down.

As my husband has seen what I'm capable of producing my crochet work, he has agreed that me setting up an Etsy store would be a great idea.  It would be an affordable way that I could help bring some money in without the high cost of overhead or start-up.  My trip to the Post Office this evening made me decide that while so many others are shipping packages through UPS and FedEx, I'm making the choice to send through our USPS.

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